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2002 British 4 Coin Gold set

  • Gold Sovereign Series - New Designs for the Golden Jubilee
    It is now official that the sovereign series of gold coins will have a shield design for the Golden Jubilee year 2002. This special design will only be used for the single year. The last time this occurred was in 1989, and this is only the second time in over a century. The actual design will probably not be unveiled until deliveries start after January 2nd 2002.
    The 4 coin gold proof sovereign sets contain a 5, 2, sovereign, and half sovereign, and usually a Royal Mint medallion. They are housed in luxurious leather cases, with each coin secure within its own plastic capsule.
    An Unfolding Story
    As at Wednesday 15th August 2001, our sources in Atlanta Georgia told us that next year's - 2002 - sovereigns and half sovereigns will have a shield reverse. We believe that the 2 and 5 gold coins will also use this new design, but knowing the Royal Mint, anything could happen. We immediately asked the Royal Mint for further information, but none was officially available.
    We now show a photograph of the new shield reverse design.
  • Proofs Expected in January 2002
    For year 2002, the proof sets will be issued in January instead of April. Although now appears to be official, there are often production delays, and we will know more during the first week in January 2002.

    4 Coin Golden Jubilee 2002 Proof Set
    4 Coin Golden Jubilee 2002 Proof Set

  • Shield Reverse
    The shield reverse was last used for Queen Victoria from 1838 to 1887 inclusive. This was Victoria's golden jubilee year, and the design of the sovereigns was changed in that year. In fact for the date 1887. It is perhaps fitting, then, that the Royal Mint appear to have chosen not only to change the sovereign design for our own queen's golden jubilee, but also to revert back to the shield design, although of course the 2002 shield will be different from the Victorian shield design.

  • Advance Orders
    As in other recent years, we have placed a large advance order for both proof gold 4 coin sets and 3 coin sets. We are now inviting advance orders. Customers placing advance orders will benefit from a combination of an beneficial advance order price coupled with our price guarantee, under which we will absorb the first part of any official price increase, and a customer cancellation clause in the event that we need to ask for more money.

  • Issue Limits
    For 2001, the issue limit was only 1,000. The issue limits for 2002 have been increased considerably to 2,500 because of the Golden Jubilee celebrations. Without doubt the Royal Mint will have plans to promote and advertise these sets widely. Even with the higher issue limits there is a very good chance that these will sell out, and possibly do so surprisingly early.

  • Specifications

    Five Pounds36.0239.94Shield
    Two Pounds28.4015.98Shield
    Sovereign (Pound)22.057.98Shield
    Half Sovereign (Fifty Pence)19.303.99Shield
    Gold Plated Medallion25 x 22 2002 - Horse

  • Advance Orders - 4 Coin Proof Sets
    The Royal Mint official issue price for 2002 is 965, and our advance order price is 895 / $1475.
    We are now accepting advance orders at pre-release price for a limited period.
    Deposit on advance orders 100 / $150

  • Price Guarantee
    Our advance ordering scheme incorporates the following price guarantee, collectors may wish to take advantage of our scheme in order to secure next year's sets:-
    In the event that the Royal Mint reduce their issue price, we will refund the difference.
    If the Royal Mint increase its issue price, we will absorb the first 5% of any increase, and if there is any excess, give you the option to cancel your order for a complete and prompt refund of deposit.

  • We can offer British gold 4 coin sets as follows:-

    DateFromMintageIssue Price Price $

  • You may wish to use our order forms.

    UK Order Form.

    USA Order Form

  • Postage & Packing

    UK Registered Post (Special Delivery) 5 per order
    EU Insured Post 10 per order
    USA Airmail $10,
    Insured Shipping via Fedex $40
    Canada Airmail $15,
    Insured Shipping via Fedex $60
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