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2002 British Gold Proof Coin Sets - Advance Orders

  • Golden Jubilee Gold Coin Collection
    Full details available soon. To celebrate the Royal Golden Jubilee, fifty years of the reign of Queen Elizabeth II, the Royal Mint is to issue a very special coin set.

  • Thirteen Coin Gold Proof Collection
    Following the silver proof coin sets issued in 1996 and 2000 to celebrate the 25th anniversary of decimalisation, and the millennium respectively, the Golden Jubilee coin collection will be a gold proof version of the year 2002 proof coin sets, except that it will also include the four maundy coins.
    This year, for the first time ever, an all-gold 13 coin proof coin set will be issued, once again to celebrate the Queen's Golden Jubilee. It will contain all the normal circulation coins from the Two Pounds to the Penny, plus a Five Pounds Crown, and a complete Maundy Money set.
    There are two precedents for this set, but both were struck in silver. In 1999 for the 25th anniversary of decimalisation, a set of seven silver proof coins, from the Pound to a Penny, were issued. The designs of these coins were normal ones used for the circulation coins, but made of silver and struck to a proof finish.
    In 2000, a similar but larger 13 coin set, the Millennium SIlver Collection, was issued to mark the millennium.
    We don't have a photograph of this set yet.

  • Limited Issue
    We are still waiting to hear the issue limits, our original guess was about 1,000 sets, but we now believe that the issue limit may be set at 2002 sets.

  • Advance Orders
    We are inviting advance orders. As yet, we are still waiting to hear the official pricing. Our estimate of the price is 2,500 per set. As there has never been a set like this issued, we cannot be certain at this stage, however, following the success of our advance ordering scheme in recent years, we will be offering a special deal for all customers placing advance orders.
    To place an advance order, enclose your cheque for 250 deposit. We will advise you of the full price as soon as we know it. Our price guarantee means you will not pay more than the official issue price, you should make a substantial saving. In the event that we have underestimated the official issue price, we will absorb part of the difference, and refund your deposit if you prefer to cancel.

  • Issue Date
    We cannot be certain, but we believe the release date of this set will most likely by in April 2002.

  • Specifications
    Full specifications to follow.

    Five Pounds36.0239.94Golden Jubilee
    Two Pounds28.4015.98 

  • Price Guarantee
    Our advance ordering scheme incorporates the following price guarantee, collectors may wish to take advantage of our scheme in order to secure next year's sets:-
    In the event that the Royal Mint reduce their issue price, we will refund the difference.
    If the Royal Mint increase its issue price, we will absorb the first 5% of any increase, and if there is any excess, give you the option to cancel your order for a complete and prompt refund of deposit.

  • We can offer British gold 13 coin sets as follows:-

    DateFromMintageIssue Price Price $

  • More Information
    More information about British gold sets is available on our British Gold Sets Information page.
  • You may wish to use our order forms.

    UK Order Form.

    USA Order Form

  • Postage & Packing
    UK Registered Post (Special Delivery) 5 per order
    EU Insured Post 10 per order
    USA Airmail $10,
    Insured Shipping via Fedex $40
    Canada Airmail $15,
    Insured Shipping via Fedex $60
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