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2002 Golden Jubilee Crowns

  • Year 2002 Golden Jubilee Five Pound Crown in Gold As you can see from our photographs, there will be a new design of five pound crown issued in 2002 to mark the celebrations of the Queen's Golden Jubilee year. Our photo is of the base metal version, a photo of the gold version will follow when available.

  • Golden Jubilee Design
    For the Queen's Golden Jubilee, the 50th anniversary of her reign, the crown is being produced with a special commemorative design. In keeping with the designs of the 1953 coronation crown, and the 1977 silver jubilee crown, the queen is shown on horseback. This new equestrian portrait is the work of the artist who created the Royal portrait approved for the circulating coins of the United Kingdom from 1998.
    In addition to the usual inscription, there appears "AMOR POPULI PRAESIDIUM REG" which translates loosely as "The Love Of The People Is The Queen's Protection". This inscription but with the word REGIS for king instead of REG for queen first appeared on gold angels of Charles I. We sincerely hope it proves more fortuitous and appropriate for our present monarch.
    A superb portrait of the Queen in robes and diadem graces the reverse. Both designs are the work of Ian Rank-Broadley FRBS, FSNAD, the artist who created the Royal portrait approved for the circulating coins of the United Kingdom from 1998.

    Gold Proof Golden Jubilee Crown
    Gold Proof Golden Jubilee Crown

  • Gold Silver and Base Metal Versions
    As from 1990, the five pound crowns have been produced in a number of different versions, and in three different metals. The non-gold versions can be found on the 2002 Golden Jubilee Crowns page of our other site.

    Golden Jubilee Crown
    Golden Jubilee Crown

  • Prices & Availability

    Year 2002 Golden Jubilee Proof Gold Crown Prices

    VersionIssue LimitAvailabiltyIssue Price Our Price Price $
    Gold Proof3,500Now555525$850

  • Price Guarantee
    We are accepting orders for the gold version now, and are still offering them for sale at our special pre-release price.
    Customers placing advance orders will benefit from a combination of an beneficial advance order price coupled with our price guarantee, under which we will absorb the first part of any official price increase, and a customer cancellation clause in the event that we need to ask for more money.

    Overseas residents, please ask for details of postage & packing.

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  • Postage & Packing
    UK: At Buyer's Risk 2 per order
    UK: Fully Insured 5 per order
    EU Insured Post 10 per order
    USA Airmail at Buyer's Risk $10 US, or...
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