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Golden Jubilee Gold Sovereigns

  • Gold Sovereigns - New Shield Design for the Golden Jubilee
    This year's sovereigns have a shield reverse. This is a special design for the Queen's Golden Jubilee, and will only be used for this one single year.

    Shield Reverse of 2002 Golden Jubilee Sovereign
    2002 Sovereign

  • Proofs - In Stock Now!
    For year 2002, the proofs have issued in January instead of April, and the Uncirculated or bullion issue have been re-scheduled from January to February, so should be available very soon. We are expecting to receive our first delivery on Tuesday 19th February.

  • Shield Reverse
    The shield reverse was last used for Queen Victoria from 1838 to 1887 inclusive. 1887 was Victoria's golden jubilee year, and the design of the sovereigns was changed in that year. It is perhaps fitting, then, that the Royal Mint appear to have chosen not only to change the sovereign design for our own queen's golden jubilee, but also to revert back to the shield design.

    Shield Reverse on a Victorian Sovereign
    Shield Reverse on a Victorian Sovereign

  • Advance Orders
    As in other recent years, we placed large advance orders for both proof and uncirculated sovereigns. We are still offering advance order prices on our GOlden Jubilee gold sovereigns.

  • Issue Limits
    For 2000, the issue limit was only 250,000, the lowest bullion sovereign mintage for over 120 years. For 2001, the issue limit was set even lower at a maximum of 100,000. We now know the issue limits for 2002 will be only 100,000 the same as last year We expect an early sell-out.

    Obverse of 2002 Sovereign
    Obverse of 2002 Sovereign

  • Year 2002 Gold Sovereigns Two Versions:-
    Year 2002 gold sovereigns are being produced by the mint in two versions, ordinary uncirculated "bullion" grade, and "proofs" for sale to collectors.
    • Bullion (Uncirculated) Version
      The release date for these was re-scheduled from January to February this year. We expect to have these in stock any day now, and are still accepting advance orders at tax free prices.

    • Proof Version
      Proofs are specially produced coins, struck to a higher standard of finish. The background is a highly polished mirror finish, while the raised part of the design has a matt finish, so that there is a higher lever of contrast between them. The proofs are complete with a presentation box and numbered certificate. These are now in stock for immediate delivery.
      We still have a small quantity available from stock.
  • Uncirculated "Bullion" Version
    This will be only the third time since 1982 that ordinary uncirculated bullion sovereigns have been produced. As with the millennium year, we expect these new sovereigns to be very popular.
    The issue limit for year 2000 was set at 250,000. This was the lowest mintage figure, apart from proof versions, for over 100 years. The limit for 2001 was even lower at only 100,000
    We now know the Royal Mint's issue limit will be only 100,000 for 2002.
    The official Royal Mint issue price is currently 79.95, our prices represent a saving, as usual, and we have quantity discounts available.

  • Uncirculated Version Prices
    QuantityPremiumPrice Price $
    1 75$120
    10 72.50$116
    20 (Sheet) 71$114
    50 69$110
    100 67$107
    500 65$104
    1,000 64$102

  • Proof - Still Available!
    In year 2000, the proof edition went on sale in May, and had sold out at The Royal Mint before 6th June!.
    We are still accepting orders at
    Current Prices
    QuantityPrice Price $

    2002 Proof Sovereign in Presentation Box
    2002 Proof Sovereign in Presentation Box

  • You may wish to use our order forms.

    UK Order Form.

    USA Order Form

  • Price Guarantee
    Our pre-release prices included the following price guarantee:-
    In the event that the Royal Mint reduces its issue price, we will refund the difference.
    If the Royal Mint increases its issue price, we will absorb the first 10% of any increase, and give you the option to cancel your order for a complete and prompt refund of deposit.
    Any customers wishing to pre-order the 2002 issues may wish to take advantage of a similar arrangement.

  • Postage & Packing
    UK at Buyer's Risk 2 per order, or...
    UK Fully Insured 5 per order
    EU Insured Post 10 per order
    USA Airmail at Buyer's Risk $10 US, or...
    USA Insured Shipping via Fedex $40 US
    Canada Airmail at Buyer's Risk $15 Can, or...
    Canada Insured Shipping via Fedex $60 Can

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