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Debit Cards

Smaller Transactions Only
We accept payment by debit card at our discretion for smaller transactions only, with a few exceptions. We briefly attempt to explain why, to save time explaining over the telephone or by e-mail.

Personal Callers Only
We accept payment by debit card only for personal visitors to our showroom, where the cardholder is personally present to sign the voucher. We do not have facilities to accept debit cards by telephone, e-mail, or mail order.

Fraud Risk
The risk of fraud is always present in card transactions, because cards can be altered and forged. At our margins, we cannot afford to be exposed to increased risks.

C.N.P. - Cardholder Not Present
Card companies, for both debit cards and credit cards, have special rules and arrangements for transactions where the cardholder is not present to sign the voucher. These are to prevent fraud, which is much easier in these cases. Also transactions where a voucher is not signed are subject to rejection by the cardholder long after the transaction took place, which adds increased risk for the accepting merchant.

Cleared Funds
As noted in our Conditions of Sale, we accept payment by cleared funds. Although debit card companies debit the cardholders account immediately, we do not receive payment as cleared funds for two or three working days afterwards.

Credit Cards

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